Domain Contoller

Domain Contoller

Post by David Sengupta [MVP » Thu, 05 Sep 2002 11:02:13

Nope you need to run Exchange 2000 setup and just choose the admin tools on
the second DC.  That'll give you the MMC extensions so that you can admin
Exchange from that DC.

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Quote:> Ok. here is my question.

>  I have a second domain controller which I use ans secondary for just in
> case something happens.
> it is a GC server as well.  My exchange server is installed in the first
> primary DC.
> when I installed Exchange 2K I had both DC online.  Exchange is runnign
> and i have been using it for a very long time.
> today I decided to create and account using the second controller but i
> not have any of the Exchange Tabs. after creating the account I proceded
> my 1st DC and mail enable the account.  do i have to run /forestprep in
> order to created mail box enable users on any DC???? or did something
> happended and the schema was not replicated  to the 2nd DC.??


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Programatically we are changing users proxy addresses and mail accounts.
Unfortunately in the process it forces us to wait until the information has
replicated to the other Domain controller (we have 2 currently) before we
can make other modifications.

Does anyone know how to either force changes made to user accounts to
replicate to other domain controllers immediately, or can you tell me where
to find information on making changes programatically on each domain
controller so that I don't have to wait for them to replicate.

This sounds kind of cryptic, but to go and explain our process as we are
currently doing would be even worse.

Thanks in advance
Gordon Cashmore
Ace Hardware Corp.

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