Auto-Forwarding mail to the Internet

Auto-Forwarding mail to the Internet

Post by Barry » Sat, 26 Aug 2000 12:53:24


My company does not currently allow automatic (rules-based) forwarding of
mail to the Internet.  This is primarily due to concerns about looping
messages crashing servers, but also the lack of security.  We are under
pressure, however, to allow this functionality.  I would very much like to
hear from administrators at other large companies that either allow, or do
not allow, this function.

If allowed, what have you done about the looping message problem?  Does your
company have concerns about company property being broadcast to the

If not allowed, are there other concerns regarding this practice that I am

Thanks very much for your time.

Barry Barker
Messaging Operations


1. Auto-Forwarding mail to the Internet

I have a user who is interested in forwarding email to an Internet address
using the Outlook Rules Wizard.  MS Technet article Q181636 says that
allowing this should be done with caution, and it mentions being vulnerable
to spam attacks.

Can anyone elaborate on how I might be more vulnerable to spam attacks  if I
change this setting?

Thank You


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