OWA 2000 Expiration Dates and Size Limits

OWA 2000 Expiration Dates and Size Limits

Post by KDub » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 10:30:25

I seem to be having an interesting problem that has been boggling me for
quite some time.

Here's the background:

1 mail server running Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2 with all applicable
hot fixes applied.  Also running Exchange 2000 with SP1.

My Problem:

I have a number of clients that log remotely from around the country into
the mail server through Outlook Web Access.  We have been noticing that any
messages posted to the PUBLIC FOLDERS have an expiration set to 1 day.
Now... this only happens if there is an attachment on the message.

I have NO expirations set anywhere.  I also have no size limits set
anywhere, but yet there seems to be a size limit of around 1 meg.  Again,
this only affects people sending to the public folders through Outlook Web
Access.  If anyone posts through a regular Outlook 2000 client while on our
network.  Everything is fine...

Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated...

Amador Amante