Tough Replication Problem

Tough Replication Problem

Post by Richard Clar » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hello, got a public folder replication problem here that is killing me.

Both 5.5 with two sites connected.  My side can chose and replicate whatever
I need to.  But the other site can not see any of my public folders to pick
from under the instances tab in Public Information Store properties.  The
change to my site and only the offline addressbook shows up.

From my side I can change the site to theirs and I see all their public
folders and I can chose which ones I want to replicate.

Does anyone know, why one site can not see the other sites public folders
under that instances tab?

Thanks in advance


1. Here's a tough one, calendar replication problem between sites

I have a 3-site Org, each site has one server.  I was running 5.0 SP1, and
I upgraded to SP2, 5.5, then to 5.5 SP3.

Now, things are generally good, except for one thing.  User calendar
replication between sites is not fully working.  Users on my bridgehead
server can view calendar information of users on one of my other sites, but
that's it.  Other than that, they can only see information from their own

Public folder and other replication seems to be ok, all the site connectors
look fine, event logs are all happy when I turn up logging.  Any ideas?

Prior to the upgrade, everybody could see everybody else's calendar.

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