error with HTTPS for OWA

error with HTTPS for OWA

Post by Sunil Pint » Mon, 12 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have configured OWA, It was working fine until i installed SSL.
Once i installed SSL iam not able to conect to the site. It gives me the
following error

" Internet Explore connot open the Intenet Site
The server returned an Invalid or unrecognized response"

Any Idea why?

Thanks in advance.

Sunil A Pinto


1. Creating custom https errors for OWA

How do I configure the custom error to redirect my owa
users from http to https?  I found an article on
microsofts website that tells me to create a file named
ssl-redirect.asp in my exchange2K server's    
inetpub\wwwroot\owaasp directory.  I don't have an owaasp
directory on my exchange2K server.
Also, how do I configure it so that owa users do NOT have
to type exchange at the end of the URL.
I have found alot of articles about configuring these
custom errors, but all of the step by step procedures seem
to miss a step or two.
All help is greatly appreciated.  

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