Error 2140 Exchange Event Service

Error 2140 Exchange Event Service

Post by Sam » Tue, 19 Dec 2000 13:27:26


I have a problem that I can't get the Microsoft Exchange Event Service
started. Starting the service provides:

Error 2140 an internal windows nt error occured.

consequently I have hundreds of users who can't send external emails





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Help appreciated.  Here's what happened:
Server I'm working on has Exchange 5.5 set up on a PDC
running NT4. (not my idea!) and "administrator" as login
service user for all Exchnge services.
Admin password was changed.  Exchange won't start at all,
giving "invalid logon" messages.  I changed pw back to old
one.  All services started except event service.  I tried
different user, different password for admin, old password
for admin - noluck. Tech refs say change the user assigned
to run the service - no luck.
Any ideas?  This is, of course, the company's "main,
lifeblood, etc" system.

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