DXA Appends 001 to Display Names in the GAL

DXA Appends 001 to Display Names in the GAL

Post by Internet Mail Administrato » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

CFG: NT4sp2 w/ Exchange4sp3; MSMail Connector & DirSync Server

As per Q146676, I have the 001 names appearing in the MS Mail GALs.  There
are, however, no duplicates per se.

The situation that caused this was the inclusion in DirSync of POs that
were not previously participating, but had static entries (Custom
Recipients) defined.  Prior to starting DirSync, I deleted the static
entries and ran a manual DirSync cycle to "prime" the recipients container
with the DirSync entries.

I presume that the "001" postfixes resulted from a conflict in display
names between the custom recipients  created by DirSync and the tombstone
objects for the deleted static recipients that had been defined earlier.

I have since, reduced the tombstone lifetime and re-run the DirSync with a
full import/export but the 001 entries are still in the GALs.  

We have a few configured requestors that for one reason or other have not
completed a DirSync cycle for several days.  I have begun to suspect that
DirSync somehow "locks" the tombstone entries until all configured DirSync
requestors successfully complete a cycle during which the DirSync server
can send out the "delete" messages representing the tombstone entries.

Does anyone have some in-depth info on this stuff that could help me
understand what is happening here?