Remote DSL-VPN users getting Exchange timeouts

Remote DSL-VPN users getting Exchange timeouts

Post by reveng » Mon, 27 Oct 2003 08:29:18

We have a tunnel between corp (T-1) and remote office (cable) which seems to
work just fine for network shares, printing and even VOIP (single line) but
at random the remote Outlooks get the old "contacting Exchange for" pop up.
Now in the past when I've seen this on my remote client VPN tunnels it will
go away and everything is just fine if I am just patient but it seems (at
least from the end users reports) that it never goes away and locks them out
of Outlook completely. Any ideas?

1. Remote 9x users VPN to Win2k Domain/Exchange 2000

We've got remote users at my company that would like access to our Exchange
server via a VPN and then bringing up their exchange profile and connecting
directly with the server over that link.

We did this without any issues on our NT network with our Exchange 5.5
server.  Since then we've upgraded to a native Win2K domain with Exchange
2000 as the email server.  Now my Win9x clients cannot resolve their
profiles when they VPN into the company.

I have Win ME at home.  I can dial in using the VPN just fine and actually
get a terminal service session via IE and the TSAC...I can also resolve user
accounts on the exchange server but I actually can't open the information
store which is odd.  However my Win9x clients can't even get that far
anymore.  They VPN, they can ping names of machines, etc...but they cannot
resolve their exchange profile and read their email.  I've even installed
the DSCLIENT active directory client for Win9x clients but this didn't seem
to help.  I've tried this with and without loading a LMHOST file into the 9x
clients cache...but no avail.

These are my settings:
Exchange 2000 server SP1
Win2k Servers SP2
ISA Server as the firewall with DHCP relay to a DHCP server that assigns an
IP and DNS info.

My remote clients are Win98 SE with the latest DUN package.  I have WinME
and can get farther into the resolution process than they can.

DUN settings for the VPN session are simply set to have the server assign
the IP and DNS info...and the rest of the basic check boxes, TCP only,
gateway selected, headers selected, encryption selected, etc.  The settings
on my ME client are exactly the same on the 9x clients but the 9x clients
can't get as far into the name resolution process as I can on ME.  They also
cannot establish a Terminal services session like I can by using IE and
typing in the FQDN of the server (same versions of IE on both machines).

Any help on Win9x clients remotely dialing into native WIn2k domains is
greatly appreciated!  They can simply use OWA for the meantime but many of
them don't like OWA and want to VPN and open Outlook to connect to exchange
because the GUI is much better.

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