upgrade & checklist from ex5.5 to ex2k

upgrade & checklist from ex5.5 to ex2k

Post by subb » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 06:46:41

hi there,

I am planning to upgrade my network from ex5.5 to ex2k. if you have any check
list from both NT4.0 and w2k prespective and Ex5.5 to Ex2k..please let me know.
Help is appreciated.



1. Upgrade Ex5.5 -> Ex2k MoveMailbox method questions

Hi all,
I have upgraded my Ex5.5 server to Ex2k (SP1) via the move mailbox
It seams to run not bad, just two little thinks I like to know:

1) Free/Busy not able to update problem
- to handle this problem I reset system folders (Q275171 & Q284200)
- checked legacyExchangeDN for all users -> all are fine
Problem: for some users it works ok, for some not. Havent found out what
the group for wich it works have in common/different to those where it
does not??? (outlook /cleanfreebusy does not help)
What else could be done to make this work for all ???

2) Remove old server from exchange
How to remove the no longer existent ex 5.5 server from exchange system
My eventlog fills up with warnings "Unable to bind over RPC [oldserver]"
Do I have to follow a special uninstall procedure ???

Any help is appreciated very much.


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