Outlook Web Access not working after Security update

Outlook Web Access not working after Security update

Post by Tom Saunder » Fri, 08 Aug 2003 01:55:41

We are running exchange 5.5 sp4 on NT4.0 sp6a. After updating to the
latest security patches last night Outlook Web access no longer works.
It is possible to get to the logon page, after entering in the username,
the popup authentication window appears. After authentication the
browser goes to a HTTP 500 Internal server error. The Page cannot be
displayed. Has anybody seen this problem before?

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Wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem, and maybe have found
a solution.

I am running Exchange 5.0 with SP1 installed (Latest Release)

The Outlook ASP page does not not work correct. What I'm experiencing is

If Im in the INBOX, I can veiw new messages just fine. If I switch to
another folder, I see the folder in the left pane, but still see the
messages in the INBOX. its like it goes to the folder, but does not pull the
contents of that folder, just shows what it had "cached" from the INBOX.

I have also experienced where I go to another folder, and then go one more
folder level down. When I do this, the right pane now shows messages in
current folder, not the INBOX, as in above description.

The last variation of this problem is where I go to another first level
folder, and I DO get a view in the right pane of the contents. However, if I
go to other folders, including INBOX, now all I see is the contents of the
folder I was viewing in the right pane.

All MS came up with was to reapply SP1, which I did a couple times. Most
recently, with the latest SP1 release in the April Technet. This has had no

Any help would be appriciated, as this is going to drive me into a straight
jacket soon!! :)

Drew Sanders
Senior Systems Admin.
Allpak Container, Inc.

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