Can't auto-resolve recipeints in other ABV's

Can't auto-resolve recipeints in other ABV's

Post by Ti » Fri, 28 Sep 2001 03:53:17

"In 5.5, the GAL (Global Address List) of a given mailbox displays all
mailboxes contained within those ABV (Address Book Views) to which the
NT account of that mailbox has the search permission."

So that means the GAL shows the contents (i.e., recipients) of all the
abv's one's NT acct has access too, right?

Lately, folks complain OL2k won't auto-resolve names. It seems that a
mailbox within ABV "A" can't resolve ("Check Name") the names of
mailboxes that list under ABV's other then "A". The GAL of a mailbox
in ABV "A" only lists mailboxes belonging to ABV "A". Yet since the
user account of that mailbox has Search permission (via membership in
a GG attributed with Search permission)to other ABV's, the mailbox can
see recipients within those ABV's that appear in their Address Book.
In fact, that's how mailboxes in ABV "A" address messages to
recipients in other ABV's. It's a pain. Why doesn't auto-resolve
feature find recipeints within their respective ABV's?

Any idea what I should check?


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