OWA on Exchange 2003

OWA on Exchange 2003

Post by Sanja » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 00:08:19

I am receving Page can not displayed error message for
some mails (All have attachments or forwarded messages
etc.) when try to open them on OWA 2003 (Exchnage 2003 on
Windows 2003 Enterprice with AD Controller).

Same thing happened when I try to rpely or forward any
maessge on OWA. Everything is fine with outlook.

Does anyone have any idea ?

Thanks in advance.


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I'm trying to access one of my newly created mailboxes in Exchange
2003/Windows 2003 over the web.  I've set the HTTP protocol to use high
compression and to use forms based authentication.  I've set the page to use
SSL only (and downloaded a 14 day temp cert from Verisign).  When I view
http://<mydomain>.com/exchange from a client, I can successfully see the
error that SSL is required.  If I go to the same page but with httpS, then I
get a "440 login timeout" error.

The MSKB only has one article about this (817379), but it's for OMA, not
OWA.  I've added the registry value for

Name:  KeyInterval
Type:  DWORD
Value: # minutes, expirationperiod

per Rich Matheisen's post on another topic using 15 as the value.  But this
doesn't help.  The Exchange 2003 Deployment Guide from MS doesn't help,

Does anybody have any suggestions?  I'm using the default IIS 6.0 site.


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