Reports for Exchange Servers

Reports for Exchange Servers

Post by RGaskin » Thu, 08 Mar 2001 04:24:43

We have a few ways to generate reports ie export GAL and NetIQ.  Only
problem we get these reports but the format is not what the requestors want.
So we spend a great deal of time manipulating the data to generate a good

Any ideas or suggestions for tools or methods to easily generate and
manupulate the data.

The data we need for the report is:
Mailbox Size    Display Name    Server    Container


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I am working on creating a form that will track phone calls from clients
that request information.  We have about 30-40 people who can use this form.
The phone calls will not be in a centralized location.  How do I pull
centralized reports?  Is the data in a central location or do I have to pull
the data from each individual mailbox on the exchange server?  (Running
Outlook 98 and Exchange 5.5 Server).

Thank you
Darcy Nelson
CIS Developer

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