Rules Wizard

Rules Wizard

Post by Steve Lloy » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Am trying to get Outlook 98 w/Exchange 5.5 to automatically forward all
messages to a POP3 that is off-site.

Can send messages fine to the POP3 mailbox but when using Rules wizrd the
messages simply do not get sent.  If auto forward to anyopne else in the
same organisation it is fine.

Any Ideas ??


1. Rules wizard and exchange 5.5 running out of space to save new rules

We have been using a combination of the rules wizard and some custom actions
to automate the processing of attachments on incoming Emails. We have now
encountered the problem of not being able to add new rules. the error says
that the server does not have enough space to save the new rule.

I have found a reference to this problem in the msdn released with Visual
Studio 6.0 which states that in exchange 4.0 there was only 32k available to
store rules but this was fixed in version 5.0.

Has any body got any ideas what I can do to fix the problem?



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