Exchange 5.5 restricting users mailbox

Exchange 5.5 restricting users mailbox

Post by BJ Mille » Sat, 18 Aug 2001 14:36:26

  Wanting to restrict a users Exchange mailbox so that
they only receive email from 1 specific dist list of
which the user is a member.    I've set the Exchange
admin user account for the user to only receive messages
from the 1 particular dist list and nothing else
but the user is not receiving any emails from
the list.
  Is there something I am missing here?



1. Restrict external e-mail per user Exchange 5.5

One of our users have been put on notice for inappropriate Internet & e-mail
usage. Management have asked me to restrict the user's access to internal
e-mail and Intranet web access. I have been able to do the latter with
system policies and proxy settings changes and I have restricted incoming
e-mail by modifying the 'Accept messages from' box in the 'Delivery
Restrictions' tab in Exchange Admin.

How do I restrict the user to only be able to send e-mails to internal

Thanks in advance,


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