Newsgroups - Attached files

Newsgroups - Attached files

Post by Henriqu » Fri, 27 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I am configuring the Newsgroup in my site by Exchange Server 5.0
I need to know how to not permit that user attaching files in his messages,
so I want users don't put attached files in our newsgroups folder.
Can anybody help me ?

Thanks     Henrique


1. crippled attached files with EX 5.5

I have a problem with attached files (xls, pdf ...) on my
EX 5.5 (SP4) Server. The EX Server ist working under W
2000 SP2 (memberserver).

All attached files where crippled at the (external)
receivers end. Excel files were transfered to .dat files,
PDF files are empty. Internal e-mails are treated correct.
I suppose there is smething wrong with the IMC.

The follwing I have tried without success:

- reinstalling EX 5.5
- reinstalling EX 5.5 (SP4)
- disable virus scaning ( NAI Groupshield 5.0.2)

What can be the reason for this behavior?
How can I solve the problem, or determine where the error

Karl Eichhorn

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