problems checking multiple mailboxes

problems checking multiple mailboxes

Post by Wul » Tue, 23 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Two computers on my network will not connect to a certain mailbox.
When I try to add the mailbox to Outlook I get a strange dialog box
that says "The action could not be completed. The action could not be
completed."  I'm running NT4 SP3 with exchange 5.0 SP1 and all clients
are using Outlook 8.02.  



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I am using exchange 2000 and needing to add another mailbox to my profile to
check mail for this other email address in my organization.  I have granted
myself full control of the mailbox but when I go into outlook and click on
the other mailbox it gives me a message that says "Unable to display the
folder.  The operation failed."  Help...

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