Adress book views

Adress book views

Post by Pascal van Bakku » Fri, 10 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Hello, my name is Pascal
I work at manpower netherlands.

I'v a problem with adress book views.
When a make a view, sometime the server create him directly
but sometimes he don't create him, then i must stop and start the services.

And sometimes he appears after a couple of hours.
Is there a kind of defrag service in exchange ?


1. Permission problem with Adress Book views

Run admin.exe /r and it will give you a raw properties option.  That is
where you find the heuristic bit.  However, adding a user with search
options will cause more problems then you want and is NOT recommended.  Once
you set this option, the only way to get rid of it at the Address Book View
level (where it causes the problems)  is to add another exchange server into
your site with SP3 on it and use that server to remove the settings.   SP4
restricted control at this level and you will not be able to "undo" the

Hope this helps.


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