Disaster Recovery and Exch 5.5 NT4 server onto a Exch 5.5 Win2K server (problems)

Disaster Recovery and Exch 5.5 NT4 server onto a Exch 5.5 Win2K server (problems)

Post by jay » Fri, 25 Oct 2002 03:56:46

We are in the process of trying to move our 2 Exchange Server from NT4
to Win2K.  Because of the size of the databases, it is not possible
for us to do the mailbox move wizard, as the priv on one server could
possible grow to over 160gigs.  I have done multiple resotores of the
servers to other NT4 machines with different names and have had no
problem, but ever since trying to test this on a Win2K machine it
hasn't wanted to work.  All the Exchange services except the Event
Service and the Information Store will start.  I have searched on all
the errors that I receive but nothing I have done has helped.

Has anyone done this before, I can't see where it should be a problem,
since the Exchange Environment is the exact same as before.  Any help
or ideas would be appreciated.



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I posted this twice, not sure if I posted it the 1st time
in the correct group, sorry for the duplicate post, just
wanted to make sure I got an answer.

My question is this,

we are like everyone else getting ready for a w2k
upgrade.  Our upgrade is going to 1st focus on upgrading
our 6 exchange servers from 5.5 to w2k.  Our six exch
servers are in 6 diffrent sites.  We are planing on
keeping the 6 sites via Active directory.

our current nt domain is 4 yrs old with lots of garabage
in the SAM, so we are planing on moving to a new internal
domain.  Our current external domain will remain the same.

existing  grubb-ellis.com this is our internal and
external on our NT4

While working in a lab, we have found that Win2k wants to
have an internal domain with out the .com and an external
name with the .com.

we are chosing to go with
 Internal doamin    "gbe"
 External Domain    "grubb-ellis.com"

We want to start with a fresh domain and migrate users
over as we upgrade there office.

Like I said when I started this, we are going to focus on
upgrading our exch servers to w2k\exch 2k at the same
time, starting with one office at a time.  

My 1st question is more of a windows question so I will
ask it there as well.  

Am I going to run into issues with keeping the the
external domain the same on both the old nt4 domain and
the new w2k doamin.  We also have some IIs Servers
running on the current nt4 domain which will move over to
the new win2k domain sometime next year.

so both domains will be running next to each other for
about 1.5yrs, as we have 80 servers to upgrade.

My Exchange Question is similar to the above, am I going
to run into any issues between the two domains when I go
to move mailboxes and users between the old and new
doamin by having grubb-ellis.com be active on both.  Or
is widnows 2k going to keep the external name seperate
from the internal name??  our email and external website
will all be keeping the grubb-sllis.com, we are just
planing on changing the internal name to "gbe"

Hope I posted enough info, prob to much but I fugre its
kinda complex question if I do not give all the factors.

Thanks in advance!!

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