How to Administer MS Exchange using WGPO postoffice?

How to Administer MS Exchange using WGPO postoffice?

Post by Mark Crave » Wed, 18 Aug 1999 04:00:00

We had been using MS Mail for several years using a WGPO postoffice on a WFW
network of about 12 systems. During recent upgrades including the primary
'server' to Windows98 and Exchange 4.0, we have lost the ability to
administer (add/delete accounts, passwords, etc) the postoffice. Although we
have mixed Windows95 and Windows98 systems now, we are still using the WGPO
postoffice on Windows98. Mail is mixed between Exchange 4.0, Outlook98 and
Outlook Express 4.0.

Is there some administration program for doing this that either has to be
reinstalled from WFW or is available within Exchange? I certainly can't find

Should we 'upgrade' to some uniform mail system that can be administered
from the 'server' or other networked system?

-Mark Craven


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