Global Address List in MS Exchange server 5.5

Global Address List in MS Exchange server 5.5

Post by Silvio Gentil » Wed, 26 Jun 2002 18:54:26

After the cancellation of a mailbox, i do not succeed to cancel the voice on
the Global Address List.

How I can obviate to this problem?



1. Get global address list from Exchange 5.5 Server with LDAP


I'm trying to grab the global address list from my exchange 5.5 server. The
GAL includes personal addresses as well as distribution lists. For now I
want to get only the personal addresses.
I've tried to get this done with c#, using the DirectoryEntry class and LDAP
but then lack of
documentation and code samples stopped me....

Has someone done such thing?

Thanks a lot!

  Shay Friedman

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