OWA Calendar invitations lack information...

OWA Calendar invitations lack information...

Post by MacromediaI » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 02:48:18

OWA client seems to have the same shortcomings as the Mac Outlook 2001
client in-so-far-as it seems to fail to append the appropriate location and
time information for a meeting when pulled off of the Exchange server to a
POP3/IMAP client.

Can anyone confirm this, or suggest a possible solution?

Damon Anderson
Client Platform Engineer
Macromedia, Inc.


1. OWA custom form creation - Lack of information.


We have all the available books (Building applications in Outlook 2002,
Outlook and Exchange programming and Programming
web applications in Exchange 2000) and the documentation from MS regarding
the Web Storage system and customizing OWA.
And we have researched the various web sites.

However - with all due respect to the authors - there is little real
coverage about creating a Web Access Outlook form.
And within the information regarding registration of forms to the WSS there
is actually large gaps in the basic process, or
it is muddled with overly technical information regarding the WSS while
missing the essentials.

So here are the two questions that remain unanswered for us:
What the basic steps outlining the creation of an Outlook Web Access form?
Lets assuming I am creating a custom contact form.
(Can it be html, does it need to be ASP?) Frontpage seem to work with the
exchange data
but is it a problem using Frontpage? Are there any specific references which
need to be in
the code to make it work.
Second - How is it registered, so that OWA sees and use that form? Where is
it being registered to and
what triggers OWA to use and understand that form?

It seems to me that MS should have provided a step by step example to
creating a form and getting OWA
to use it but instead they vaguely outline a process here and there without
and direct, and useable

If anyone could help or point us to information. We would be grateful.

We are also looking for third party applications which may provide functions
which we are trying to address (regarding contacts, tasks and journals). If
any could be recommended
that would be great, it seems there are fewer now rather than more.

Paul Hancock
Delphi Capital Management

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