Exchange Server Application to add a Disclaimer to outgoing mails

Exchange Server Application to add a Disclaimer to outgoing mails

Post by Vinjamuri, » Wed, 05 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am developing an server application for MS Exchange 5.0 to append a
disclaimer text at the end of outgoing mails based on the "Sensitivity"
property set by the user for the message .

Procedure  :
After the  Initialization and Startup of the Service etc.,
accessed the  Default Message Store  and opened it as the
Administrator( Service Account Admin) - the profile and password given
in the MAPILogonEx()  
Now when am trying to logon to the Message Gateway by using the
HrMailBoxLogon() function which returns me the ptr to the Gateway
message store , it is failing with access violation problems in
Kernel32.dll .

I have also tried giving the DN name of the Server and Mailbox
parameters directly  in the fn. for the functions for getting the
service server name and DN name defined in the ESDK  are returning
garbage values..
If this fn. succeeds I plan to get the MTS-In and MTS-OUT folders of the
gateway store , check for the properties and process them.

Is it required to create and install another SMTP gateway to incorporate
this feature or is there any interface to the IMC(Internet Mail
Connector) which is the default gateway at our site?
and also is the procedure adopted above right ????

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