POP mail from ISP

POP mail from ISP

Post by Stephe » Fri, 18 Apr 2003 23:03:29

I have seen the following setup:
ISP forwards email for a company to an IP address then
that email goes to the local server's Exchange Server.

How do I set this up?
Do I need to open ports in my firewall?
Is this the correct way to setup an Exchange server?

I normally use Outlook and setup two (2) separate Services:
1. Internet Mail (where they put their ISP's information)
2. Microsoft Exchange Server (where they put the local
Exchange Server's information)

They check both but save everything to the Exchange server
(no Personal Folders). I realize this is not the "correct"
or "supported" method, but it has worked for years without
one problem.
I want to move to a "true" Exchange Server environment (no
Internet Mail service in Outlook.. just Microsoft Exchange
Server) and use OWA.

I am looking for a document on this to help me configure
it. You do not need to spell out the instructions but a
simple overview (am I on the right page? headed in the
right direction?) and maybe a link to a "How to..."
Thank you in advance,