Event Service Error 0, Error 5, Error 1

Event Service Error 0, Error 5, Error 1

Post by Jeffrey T. Balderso » Mon, 24 Aug 1998 04:00:00

We moved the Exchange 5.5 server to a new machine, and after we figured
out the frustrating reason why MTA and IMC weren't starting up (typo in
the sitename), we're left with this one problem.  

I've found MS's knowledgebase article: q182082

MS doesn't have any public info about this.  I was wondering if someone
else has run into this and solved it.

I know a lot about NT, but my Exchange knowledge is still rather lacking
(although, this latest fiasco has taught me a good bit :), so:

1) What's the Exchange event service for, precisely? I've seen mention of
this being related to the public folders.

2) Does it hurt not to have it running?

3) How do you fix the problem?

4) Is this related to the Performance Monitor errors I get when I start PM
up? (Sorry, I don't remember too much about this, and the details for this
problem are at the office)  There are a number of errors in the event log
when I start PM up.  The old server doesn't seem to have them, but the new
one does.  Although, they may have gone away after I fixed the sitename
problem mentioned near the top of this message.