New features of SP1

New features of SP1

Post by ryanm » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know DETAILS about the new features of SP1?

New features of SP1

Post by IanB » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Take a look at


>Does anyone know DETAILS about the new features of SP1?


1. New E2K SP1 server not able to send to only one E2K SP1 domain

I have set up and configured an E2K SP1 server for a client.  Everything seems to be working, but they are not able to email my own company's domain.  The messages sit in the outbound queue and retry until they time out.  The error message is below.  Seems to point to a protocol time out.  My company can email in to their domain, but they cannot email back.  They are able to email other E2K domain that I've set up.  I've tried adding external DNS entries in the SMTP virtual server, but messages still error out.  Not sure if it's relevant, but the client network is behind a Raptor 6.5 firewall, which apparently proxies (before they were using Exch 5.5 with no problems emailing us).

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Subject: RE: test email from bind
    Sent: 11/7/2001 3:58 PM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

  'Bridget Sullivan' on 11/7/2001 10:00 PM
  Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry or contact your administrator.
  < #4.4.7>

The error used to be this (until I upgraded our server to SP1 over a week ago):

Your mail system could not find a way to successfully communicate with the destination system. Please notify your administrator.
  < #5.5.0>

Thanks for any assistance!


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