Disaster and Recovery planning

Disaster and Recovery planning

Post by ROU Dead of Nigh » Tue, 24 Apr 2001 22:41:25


I have been given the brief of compiling technical documentation and
recovery notes for our Exchange Server (5.5). Can anyone suggest some online
resources for this information ?.

David Holmes


1. Disaster recovery plan

I'm just testing our disaster recovery plan on some spare

I have to DCs, one of which is the EX2000 server as well.

If the Exchange server explodes I want to introduce
another server and restore to it.

My plan is...

1)  Delete existing Ex2000 server from list of DCs in AD
2)  Create new Windows 2000 server with the same name and
join domian (not bothering to make it a DC).
3)  Reinstall Exchange with the /disasterrecovery switch.
This should configure it the same as my original using
info from AD.
4)  Restore Information store from tape.

I have done some reading and it warns about deleting the
original Server from AD as the Ex2000 info will be
deleted with it - but how else do I get another machine
on the domain with the same name ?

I could call it something different, but then all my
outlook clients would be pointing to the wrong thing.

Anyone got any info ?



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