POP3 Message Dates

POP3 Message Dates

Post by Jonathan Hutchin » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I download my mail from the company Exchange (5) server using POP3 and
Outlook (now 98 beta2).  All the messages are stamped as sent and received
with the time and date of the download instead of the time they were created
or originally sent.

This makes it impossible to tell which mail might be new, especially when
Outlook98 downloads the last 4 months of messages over and over again.

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1. Time and date on mail messages always contain the time and date from the server

Outlook 97 and Exchange 5.0.

When I open create a document that was sent at in the morning, the document
always contains the time of the exchange server when I open the document.

(i.e. Mail message composed and sent at 10:00am. Server time 11:00am. when
I open the message the time is 11:00am.

has anyone seen this problem.

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