Editing Exchange 5.0 ASP files

Editing Exchange 5.0 ASP files

Post by James Hulm » Tue, 01 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Okay, I hope I didn't miss this on one of the other messages.  

I have installed exchange 5.0 on a server that was already providing web
services.  I am able to connect to http://[web server]/exchange and check
my email, but I would like to be able to edit the web site files with
Frontpage and InterDev, but this site is not showing up.  It does show up
in the IIS 3.0 admin screen as virtual directory /exchange.  Am I confusing
anyone yet?  Well, hope I can find some help.

Thanks in advance.


1. Message editing with Exchange 5.0 client

I recently installed Exhange Server 5.0 and have begun installing
Exchange 5.0 client software on NT 4.0 workstations.  When launching "In
box" from an account that has Domain Admins privileges, there is no
problem.  If, however, I launch "In box" from an account with just User
priveleges I get an error dialog box which says:

"Wordmail initialization has failed.  Be sure you have correctly
installed Word, or close other applications and try again."

If I remove Wordmail by deinstalling it with MS Office Setup, then I
don't get the error on loading "In box", but if I try to create a new
message I get the error:

"The item could not be displayed.  The action couln not be completed."

If I try to open a message ... Exchange aborts and writes a Dr. Watson

The above symptoms occur with PCs that came pre-loaded with NT 4.0 and MS
Office.  If I totally blow away a hard drive and reinstall NT 4.0, MS
Office and Exchange 5.0 client ... I have no problem with an account with
just User privileges.  I obviously don;t want to have to "blow away" 26
more PCs to solve what will probably turn out to be a Registry or
configuration file problem.  Anbody have any ideas?  HELP!!!!

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