Outlook crashes when opening calendar with tasks on same page - Exchange problem MSO9.DLL error

Outlook crashes when opening calendar with tasks on same page - Exchange problem MSO9.DLL error

Post by PSIne » Thu, 09 Nov 2000 04:00:00

This problem can be duplicated.
I am working with multiple PC's and this problem occurs on all of them. I
think the solution lies in changing something on the Exchange server.
Problem Description --
Outlook2000 has been working perfectly for several months. After making a
formating change to the way the tasks display on calendar page I can no
longer open the calendar page. I get the following error:
OUTLOOK caused an invalid page fault in
module MSO9.DLL at 0137:308cde94.
I get this every time and from any machine I run Outlook from.

It seems start to display the calendar (which looks fine) but dies before it
displays the tasks. I have removed all the tasks but still have the problem.
If I could keep the tasks from displaying or change the formating of the
tasks on the calendar page I might be able to keep the probme from occuring
but I dont know how to do that since it crashes before I can make any
changes (as soon as I open the calendar page)

Anyone who views my calendar and also has permission to view task will also
crash. How do I reset the task display on the calendar view without opening
the calendar. There must be some control of this from the server.

ANY suggestions would be appreciated.


1. Crash when opening calendar in Outlook remotely too

I'm posting this again in the hope that I might get more responce
this time!


Before you start thinking Outlook problem please read on!

We have a problem opening a calendar in a common mailbox,
no matter which OL we try to open from, it crashes OL. We
have to close OL from the task manager. If this had only occured
in one OL I would have thought it to be an OL problem, but since
it doesn't matter where we open it, I'm thinking it's an Ex..

Has anyone any idea what might cause this and is there a
solution to the problem?



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