How to set language template for Address Book

How to set language template for Address Book

Post by hollyrua » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi, everyone:
  I'm using Exchange 5.5 + sp1. I've got 2 problems to settle. I guess the 2
problems gets some connections.
  1.My exchange client is Outlook97(8.03) and exchange 5.0 client. When I
using them , I can't get the person's property when opening the global
address books. A message box told me that "exchange server hasn't the
correct language template for your language" . I remember I've seen the
directions of setting this configuration before , but I can't find it now.
Can anyone help me ?
  2.Both exchange server and WWW server are running on the same computer .
I've got an .asp file accessing the address book though CDO. When I
accessing a person's name wich is in double-byte(Chinese character), I got
"??" instead , but Outlook & exchange client works well to the same name.
Any idea? I think perhaps it's because I've not setting my exchange server
for a Chinese language template , Am I right?

  Since I'm not very convient on newsgroups , please e-mail me if you can
help. Thanks a lot!



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Currently I am using a USA-version of Exchange Server 5 with SP1, and my
goal is to use a Dutch version of Outlook 97 with this backend. All works
fine until someone tries to access the properties of one of the

The next message reads that the server is "not configured to support Dutch
details templates" (message is translated from Dutch, of course).

Q1 - Does anyone have a clue how I can add this 'ability' to my existing MS
Exchange Server? Adding templates to one would be enough, since I
understand templates are replicated, but where the heck is the 'add
template' button? Am I going to have to re-install the server?
Q2 - Do I need a Dutch version of MS Exchange Server 50 (incl. SP1) just
for the details template, or are those available seperately? Perhaps
there's a multi-lingual version of MS-Exchange?

Who's got an idea?

Frits Verduin

Replies preferred via e-mail


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