Sending mail to non-Exchange Server people

Sending mail to non-Exchange Server people

Post by Keith Loma » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have an NT Server running Exchange Server 5.0. I also have a foreign SMTP
mail server running under VMS. I want all mail, sent to users which do not
have defined Exchange Server accounts to be passed on to the foreign SMTP

For example, if I send a mail to Anthony, and there is no Exchange Server
mailbox for Anthony, I want Exchange Server to simply forward the message
to the foreign system.

However, when I test this out, I am prompted to create an address for
Anthony. I do not want to do this I have many non-NT users, and I do not
want to waste my life updating Exchange Server with email addresses.

Does anybody know how to do this?

Please reply directly, I will post any relevant information later.




1. allow outside people send mail though my exchange 2k server

Hi there,

I am new to exchange, please forgive my stupid question and poor English!

I have an exchange 2000 server installed. I want to let outside people send
mail though my exchange 2000 Server with authentication.

Actually, outside people can send mail though my exchange server when
authentication of "SMTP Virtual Server" set to "anonymous access".

I got an error message "Server respone :454.5.7.3 client does not have
permission to send as this sender" when "anonymous access" disabled.

Does anyone tell me what should I do to make the authentication success or
there are another method to acheive it.

Thanks you for all replies!

Adams Lo

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