OWA & router config & isp changes

OWA & router config & isp changes

Post by tech422 » Wed, 08 Sep 1999 04:00:00

We've got iis4.0, Exchange 5.5& OWA installed. I was told to allow the
client to use http protocol- I think that's enabled by default. I was also
told to open port 80 on my firewall between the client and IIS so the client
could access OWA by typing iis address\exchange. In this case, iis server
and exchange server are the same machine. iis address should be ip address,
DNs entry, or WINS name of the iis.

We don't have DNS. Our isp does our DNS. we have a hosts file and a record
in it that points to ccweb(we used to have ccmail) the record in the hosts
file looks something like this:    ccweb.mycompany.com

This IP is a valid ip address.

We don't use ccmail anymore. maps to a server called Uranus
which was our ccmail router. is the address of our firewall.
In our firewall setup it now reads
Traffic destined for             Using protocol     Goes to
Port                        http              
80 is the outside address for uranus, is the inside
address)                        http              
4000                        smtp          
( is our exchange server)

Not sure why we've got 2 entries for http. one entry goes to a web
server(port 4000).
How do I change this to say take http traffic that's destined for the
exchange server and route it there. Would it be:                        http          

Or do i need to get a valid ip for the exchange server? What needs to be
changed at my isp? Or do i assign a valid ip to the exchange server? how do
i do that? does the isp take care of that?

Please advise with specific instructions. I'm kind of lost on this one.


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Richard Burgess
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