incoming mail problem

incoming mail problem

Post by Pete » Thu, 21 Mar 2002 05:50:07

I am having a problem with our Mail server.  It is NT 4
SP6a EX 55 SP4, Groupshield.  Nothing really changed on
the server.  maybe some DNS info but no major changes.  
Over the last several weeks users are reporting that
incoming mail is delayed (hours or days) or
undeliverable.  This is happening to a number of sites
sending into our server.  I have been using hotmail as a
test and it is able to send mail to our server without a
problem.  But there are sites that are unable to send mail
at all.  Also when telnetting into the SMTP connector
there is quite a lag 5 - 10 Seconds.  I assumed the
problem was DNS related but everything seems to check out
Has anyone experience heard of similar problems.  I am
almost at the end of my rope with this problem.  I cannot
seem to find any data or fixes that make sense.

Thanks in Advance.
Pete V.


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