Unable to delegate mailbox/folders to other users

Unable to delegate mailbox/folders to other users

Post by Ann » Wed, 17 Apr 2002 02:25:15

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm not sure if this is the right group to ask, however, I'm a novice
Exchange administrator and am encountering the following problem
(we're running E2K and clients are on Win2K):

Users in the past were able to delegate rights to other users to
access their mailbox/folders to handle emails, calendaring, etc.
However, just recently, the following error occurs when users try to
do this--"Unable to display the folder.  The operation failed."

I have tried delegating the rights from the Outlook client ("Tools,
Options, Delegates") and then try accessing this from the delegatee's
Outlook client two different ways.  The first one, "File, Open, Other
User's Folders", works just fine.  However, going through, "Tools,
Services, Microsoft Exchange Server, Properties, Advanced,
Add...Mailboxes", this fails and produces the above error.

What may be some of the problems that I have overlooked?  What are
other options that may help resolve this issue?  On the AD side, the
administrators can set this, however, this would only defeat the
purpose of the user's options of customizing.  All users have the same
rights in regards to their mailbox ownership (Full control).

Any recommendations are much appreciated!  Thank you kindly.