Going Native

Going Native

Post by James » Wed, 30 Jan 2002 22:40:18

I have a single Domain Win 2000 AD, and Exchange 2000 which I have joined a
55 Organisation. Now that the 55 Exchange server is gone and the last NT4
BDC do I switch 2000 to Native mode, and then Exchange, or the other way
round? Does it matter?

TIA, James


Going Native

Post by Rich Lund » Thu, 31 Jan 2002 06:28:20

You must switch Active Directory to Native Mode before converting Exchange
2000 to Native Mode. Don't forget to take care of your ADC connection
agreements and the Site Replication Service. Good luck! -Rich Lundy


1. Going to W2k Native effect NT 4.0 BDC?

I have a Mixed Windows 2000 Domain with some Exchange 5.5 servers on NT 4.0
(BDC), how will the exchange servers be effected by making the Windows 2000
Domain Native?  I am concerned that the users will change their passwords
and their workstations will attempt to authenticate to the NT 4.0 BDC and
not work (Native will not share info back to BDC).  I need to install
Exchange 2000 (Mixed Mode) with support for my Exchange 5.5 Servers but docs
say I must first go to W2k Native mode.

Any ideas?

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