Certain clients can't send email to certain domains

Certain clients can't send email to certain domains

Post by Aaron Ros » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 20:35:40

I thought the same thing, but I use nslookup and came up
with the correct answers, I use 4 external DNS servers, 2
primary, 2 secondary.

I am now having problems with integration of Exchange and
AD, seems something has gotten corrupted (SP3?)

Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>My guess is that this is a DNS issue.

>Do you use multiple DNS servers?

>It may be having problems resolving names, depending on
>the DNS server the client us using

>>-----Original Message-----
>>I have a mix of Win98 and XP machines using Outlook 2k
>>the Email client with Exchange 2k Server. Using the
>>default setup (Virtual server, routing group)certain
>>clients, 98 and XP, can't send email to certain domains,
>>aol.com, netdirect.net, while others can, is this a
>>problem with my server setup or with the clients
>>themselves? This one has me twisted. I get an NDR
>>of "Problem with SMTP communication with the recipients
>>server" or "Sender domain must exist".



1. Some emails won't send to certain domains

i Have been having trouble sending emails to certain
domains recently for no obvious reasons as i haven't
changed anything major.
Most email sends out of exchange fine but some does not
for example we can not send any emails from our server to
any fsnet.co.uk address or freeserve.co.uk, again the
same problem sending emails to names.co.uk and a few
The email sits in the que and keeps on retrying then
eventualy just fails and sends delivery failure message
back with an error of #4.4.7
I just tried to send a mail to an address at one o the
above domains and after trynig to force it to connect a
few times i cancelled and send NDR the error i get back
doing this is #4.3.2
I don't know if this means anything to anyone just seems
strange we can send emails to most recepients fine, just
people on certain domanis we can't i really need to fix
this problem and am kind of at a loss to be honest.

Any help is appreciated.


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