CDO.dll has 2 month Free/Busy limitation?

CDO.dll has 2 month Free/Busy limitation?

Post by Rich Rolle » Fri, 07 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know about CDO.DLL on Exchange Server having a
limitation of how much Free/Busy info it can publish?

I've heard different things.  One person said that it was a
problem with an older (pre-Exch55sp2) version of cdo.dll.
But I'm using the SP3 version (5.5.2650.12) and I still have
this problem where the 12 mos. of F/B info that is
originally published gets truncated to 2 mos!  This is on
resource mailboxes that use the Auto-accept script and thus
depend on CDO on the server?

I've tried a zillion things on the client-side (Outlook) to
no avail.  I'm wondering now if it's an issue with the
server, either CDO or the script, or the two combined??

I'm getting killed on this problem here and switching from
server-script to dedicated-delegate-pc is not an easy




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