Exlist List Server problem...

Exlist List Server problem...

Post by kiko » Thu, 08 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I've installed EXlist ListServer on MSExchange 5.5 sp3, NT 4.0 sp4.

It works fine, but when I change properties of any list to moderated, It
doesn't works at all. It's supposed to send a confirmation request to the
list owner, but it doesn't. If I set properties again to not moderated, it
sends the messages again (but not those which were sent when the list was
moderated, I think this must be correct). The list owner is a mailbox in the
server currently running msexchange server and exlist.

Does any have an idea about what's going on? Any resource with good
information will do fine too.




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I'm trying to get EXLIST, the Exchange listserver provided in the Back
Office Res Kit, to work on my system (Ex 5.5 SP4 under NT4 SP6a with IIS4)

I've installed all the stated prerequisites and followed the installation
instructions but when I come to run the Listserver Installer I get a message
saying I don't have permissions set correctly.  I'm finding the instructions
ambiguous at this point in any case.  However, I am running as the system
administrator with permissions on everything so I'm not sure where to go

Any pointers ?

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