How to route extern mail (x.400)

How to route extern mail (x.400)

Post by Bernt Rune Einars » Thu, 05 Feb 1998 04:00:00


from outside the organisation.

Greetings from Norway


1. Routing Mail for X.400 to SMTP

At two occasions I have asked the same question to this news-group and other
news-groups, but apparantly nobody knew.
I would like this generel X.400-SMTP two-way-gateway functionality :
1. Users on X.400-systems mail to the gateway using the DDA-fields to pass a
SMTP-address to the gateway.
2. Users on SMTP-systems mail to the gateway using sub-domain-fields to pass
the X.400-address to the gateway.
The gateways I know of, that handles this, are specialized
X.400-SMTP-gateway-products running on Unix. Exchange Server can't handle
this 100% : Only if you know all recipients in advance, you can create
custom recipients.
If you should find a solution, please mail me.

Best regards,
Peter Juul S?rensen

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