Quota warning messages in strange languages

Quota warning messages in strange languages

Post by Denes Baran » Sat, 16 Jun 2001 18:38:13

  Hi All,

  I am running an Exhange mail server with approximately 400 users.
  The mail server is an MS Exchange 5.5 with SP3. All mail clients are
  Windows 95, 98 (English !) and Outlook 2000 (also English !).
  Some of the users are getting quota warning messages  (Your mailbox is
  its size limit) in English language but some users are getting it in
Russian, German and
  Hungarian randomly !! I have checked the language settings on the server
and it is English only of course.
  How is it possible. I want them sent only in English. Maybe it is a client
side issue, but what kind of.

  Any ideas ?

          Denes Barany


1. Warning not given when user reaches quota warning limit in Exchange 5.5


Our Exchange 5.5 server has individual mailbox quotas setup, both
warning and 'do not send' after reaching limits. The server is running
on Windows 2000 with service pack 3. I have not setup quotas for
everyone, just for a few users.

The problem we are having is that no warning is given when a user
crosses the warning limit. Only after a user crosses the 'do not send'
limit does Exchange not allow a user to send email displaying a
message that the mailbox limit has been exceeded.

How can I get Exchange to display a warning message saying that the
mailbox size has grown beyond the 'soft' quota?

Thank you!

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