Exchange SMTP relay. Looking for idea's

Exchange SMTP relay. Looking for idea's

Post by PJ Souc » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 23:03:39


    We have a Exchange server ( Version 5.5  sp3 ) It gets it internet mail
through a Unix box running send mail.  That acts as a relay to our ISP.  We
are looking to get ride of the unix system and use our ISP as are relay.  I
want to know if anyone knows of any security risks or any real reason this
is not a good idea.




1. Developing a new Outlook/Exchange product and looking for ideas

I am looking for feedback for an upcoming projects, so I have placed the
specifications here inviting you to have your say.

SSW Exchange Manager Specs

Most companies have one corporate database, usually it's powered by some
relational database management system such as SQL Server, Oracle (and
sometimes even Access). Companies also usually have one mail server (in our
case, we're assuming Exchange Server 2000) with many emails to and from
clients. These are two great sources of information relating to your
company's clients, however, there is rarely little link between these.

Databases are often the lifeblood of a company with customer details and
invoices. Reports from the database are crucial for managers to determine
the health of the company, e.g. how much was invoiced last month.

E-mail systems are the daily workhorse of a company that have customer
inquiries, support answers etc. There is a lot of information that is
important to the company e.g. which employees are doing the most customer
liaison, which products are requiring the most maintenance, which customers
take up the most resources.

There needs some sort of product that can give reports from Exchange
Server - just as there are for databases. This will empower management to
efficiently make decisions regarding the company's past activities. To that
end the need for 'SSW Exchange Manager'.

Thanks Adam
* SSW Data PRO  - Version Control for your data.mdb
* SSW Data Renovator  - Compare the differences between two data.mdb's
* SSW Upsize PRO! - Don't UPSIZE to SQL Server without it
* SSW SQL Script Wizard - A utility to run .sql files
* SSW Performance PRO! - Find out what is slow in your Access App

Any feedback is very welcome, as it allows us to improve the design of our
utilities before they are even released.

During the last decade SSW developed some great products and utilities. This
was achieved together with help from people like you, who have given us
invaluable feedback.

SSW has a continued goal to concentrate on developing products that have a
clear market need and stand out from our competitors.

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