exchange 55 downloag logging

exchange 55 downloag logging

Post by tech » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 03:40:39

I am trying to get exchange server5.5(SP4, all
hotfixes,running on WinntServer 4.0 SP6a) to use the
download logging feature.

I have attempted the solution offered by microsoft
article # 168443 with VERY limited results. The events
recorded are to be of id 7102 according to the MS article,
but I only get events of ID 7101. Though they are of the
wrong id, they are the correct events regarding download

It also does NOT work for more than 2 logged events.

I have tried many times to remove the registry entries,
reinstall the service packs, reinstall the registry
entries for logging, but have come back very disappointed.

If there is a way to enable this feature RELIABLY and so
that it ALWAYS works, can someone let me know?


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I'm migrating a Exchange 5.5 Enterp. from one a 'slow' system (PII) to a new
system (dual Xeon).
The old box is running NT4 sp6a.
The new box is running W2K sp2.
They are all running in a NT4 domain. (migration to AD and Exchange 2000, is
not yet possible)
The current Exchange enviroment has some 650 users and 4 X.400 connector's,
and 1 Internet Mail Service connector.
The new box has a different system name than the old box.

What is the best way to go:
1. Installing Exchange 5.5 on the new box, joining the current Exchange
orginazation.Changing the 'Home Server' to the new box for all the users.
Changing the 'MTA Transport Stack' for the X.400 connector's.
After all this works... deleting the old server from the site...

2. Installing Exchange 5.5 on the new box. Creating a new Exchange
enviroment. Copying the setting's from the connector's to the new enviroment
and restoring a backup from the old exchange database to the new box. (like

I'm just in the process of planning this action... so, please give me some
feedback on this...

Also... will any action mean changing the client setting (Outlook 2000) for
the new server name ? (because the new box has a different name....)


Jan Wiersma
Microsoft Specialist
Dutch Police Force

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