Exchange 5.5 - disconnecting sites from organization

Exchange 5.5 - disconnecting sites from organization

Post by kj.. » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 03:15:51

I have a single Exchange Server 5.5 organization (on NT4) with 3
sites, each w/ 1 server. The networks are separate geographical
locations connected by frame relay, and each location has control of
its own domain and Exchange directory.

One of the sites intends to split from the other two, becoming a
semi-independent site, with its own Internet connection, domain name,
etc. They asked me if it was possible to separate their Exchange
Server from the rest of the organization. Can I just delete the other
two sites in Exchange Administrator and turn on the IMC?



1. Remove an Exchange 5.5 site from Exchange 2000 organization

We are just wrapping up an upgrade to Exchange 2000.  I
would like to remove a 5.5 site from an Exchange 2000
organization.  The 5.5 site only has 1 Exchange 5.5
server in it (and no Ex2K servers).  The rest of the
organization is running Exchange 2000.  Ideally, I would
like to remove this last 5.5 server and keep running in
mixed mode for a while.

How would I do this?


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