HELP: Auto-reply on Exchange public folder reply only to internal e-mail addresses

HELP: Auto-reply on Exchange public folder reply only to internal e-mail addresses

Post by Mr. Norw » Sat, 23 Nov 2002 22:49:50

When we set up a role in a public folder, with "reply with"  the reply
will only be sent to the people ho has an internal e-mail address.

All external addresses will seem to work, but the e-mail does not go
out the external smtp.

If you take a cc in the mail to an internal e-mail address, you can
see that it's also trying to send the e-mail to the external address,
but it never goes out of the server.


1. autoreply message format ( auto-reply , auto reply)


E2Ksp3 on W2Ksp2.  Client = OL2002

User creates rule for auto-reply with the following criteria:

-Check messages when they arrive
-Have server reply using a specific message (the message is created in HTML
format, saved and closed)
-Except if from 'Me'

When this is tested, the "autoreply" is in plain text format even though it
was created as in HTML format.
Last week I tested it with the same results.  Today I tested it again and it
appears to work, but my colleague is testing it and the autoreply is
changing to plain text format.???

Thanx in Advance

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