Event ID 1023 Failure Audit Errors

Event ID 1023 Failure Audit Errors

Post by Joan » Thu, 22 May 2003 02:46:40

I am running Exchange 5.5 SP3 on a Windows 2000 SP3
Advanced server.  I am constantly receiving this Warning
message in the application logs JUSTICE\XCHGUSER was
validated as /o=<organization name> /ou=<organizational
unit name> /cn=Recipients/CN=NAIReginaHUBAPPSRV but was
unable to log on to /o=<organization
name>/OU=<organizational unit>/CN=Recipients/CN=ADMINSCH

What could be causing this?


1. Event ID 1023 - Failure Audit

I have moved a user from Site A to Site B. I have used
Exmerge to export the user's mailbox, then deleted the
mailbox on Site A, recreated the users mailbox in Site B
with the same details as before and then reimported their
However when I try to open the user's calendar for File -
Open in Outlook and selecting the user's calendar from
the previously list of opened calendars  I get the below
error message on the Exchange 5.5 server where the
calendar resides alond with a message saying Cannot open
the Information Store:

Event Type:     Failure Audit
Event Source:   MSExchangeIS Private
Event Category: Logons
Event ID:       1023
Date:           21/08/2002
Time:           14:56:59
User:           N/A
Computer:       SERVER1
DOMAIN\JMANLEY was validated as /o=Organisation
name/ou=Site Name/cn=Recipients/cn=User1 but was unable
to log on to /o=Organisation Name/ou=Site Name/cn=Address

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

If I re-enter the user's name via open other users folder
and select the user from the GAL I can open the calendar
without any problems.

Any ideas how to get around this error other than the
above solution ?

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