Server reply for mailbox

Server reply for mailbox

Post by Mike » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 06:45:50

Have Exchange 5.5 running on NT 4.0 platform, all service
packs applied. The issue is I want to have the server
reply to incoming mail that the user is no longer with
the company and provide the new person e-mail address.
Want this done on the server side so I don't have to have
machines sitting around with Outlook running opened to a
former users mailbox.

1. Moving mailboxes to different site within organisation - problem with reply address/reply route

I have two Exchange 5.5 servers running as two different sites in the same
organisation. They are connected using a x400 connector and all is working

I now need to move a few mailboxes from one site to the other and I am doing
that using exmerge - no problems.

Now here is the real problem:

The mailboxes for user A and user B are both in site X. User B has sent a
mail to user A.

Users B is moved from site X to site Y

User A replies to the mail from user B - the reply fails as user B is no
longer to be found in site X

Question: Is there any way I can make the reply find it's way to user B's
new mailbox in site Y?

Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated!



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