Post by Jason Galla » Sat, 01 Feb 2003 07:20:45

I have an exchange 5.5 server running on a Windows 2000 Server.  I want to
set up a news server so that incoming email to a certain address can be
threaded.  I guess what I want to do is set up a message board. For example:

messages being threaded from the original sender and the responses also
being threaded (and sent to the original customer email address).

Is there any way to do this?



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How do I tell Exchange Server to download all available USENET newsfeeds
from my USENET News provider that I pull newsgroup messages from?  Right now
I have successfully downloaded the listing of all available newsgroups and
subscribed to 5 different ones.  No messages are ever downloaded from
provider's news server into Exchange Server.

What must I do to retrieve and send newsgroup messages out to the Internet?

Thank you.


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