Exch Client 5.0 & IBM Client Access problem

Exch Client 5.0 & IBM Client Access problem

Post by Robert Aubr » Fri, 27 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have a customer with a new NT server 4.0 SP2 (sp 3 & fixes to go in next
week) with Exchange 5.0 and a mix of W95 & NT 4.0 clients. On the NT 4.0
clients he had installed IBM's Client Access for AS-400 before we updated
the Exchange client. When we attempt to install Exchg client, there is a
"profile" called IBM AS-400 showing up tho its never created & totally
false cuz the AS-400 has no idea what Exchange is. I have removed it but it
keeps coming back. Can add a new profile but cant see the Exch server "a
problem with your network connection". Only protocol is tcp/ip including
the AS-400. A WS without Client access works just fine. Thinking of adding
netbui as a workaround. Any other ideas? TIA
Robert Aubry
Vice President
Main Street Software, Inc.


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I have installed Exc Server 5.0 at a client site, it runs well apart from on
one PC
PC is P200MMX 2Gb HDD 32 Mb RAM Network - RJ45 100Mbs
If I install 5.0 client, it runs OK. If I shut down PC and restart, it comes
up with an error, 'incorrect version please see system administrator to
upgrade. This happens every time. The only difference with this PC is that
it is connected to an HP 340LX Palmtop with appropriate S/W for Outlook

Any solutions

Falak Waheed

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