Server Manager shows user logged on multiple times in user's Mailbox

Server Manager shows user logged on multiple times in user's Mailbox

Post by Gina Fallo » Fri, 09 Nov 2001 06:08:06

I have Exchange 2K in a FE/BE architecture.  We have a
variety of MAPI clients accessing the backend message
store.  When I use Exchange Service Manager to view the
backend servers private store current logons, I see a
client users logged into up to eight sessions at the same
time.  I confirmed that his users had only one machine and
one Exchange client open and connected to the service.

I need to find out how Outlook 2K and XP connect to the
Exchange Backend server, and if the client connects (logs
on) several times for different functions or it I
have "dead" sessions* on to the service.

Thanks for any help.


1. Sevice Manager shows user logged on multiple times in mailbox resources

I have an Exchange 2K fe/be implementation with various
MAPI clients connecting to the backend.  When I use the
Exchange Service Mananager to view the backend server's
logons to the private mailbox store, I see users logged on
multiple times, sometimes up to eight concurrent logons.

I tried to find documentation on how Outlook 2K and XP
interact with the Backend store to see if they carry
concurent sessions for different functions.  The only
other reason I can think of for this is that I have a lot
of "dead" sessions connected to the store.

Any help is greatly appriciated.

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